Born in Munich in 1965
Study of geology
Basic training in painting with Susanne Hauenstein
Drawing studies in the "free academy Alexandar Kolenc" in Munich
Art studies with Professor Jerry Zeniuk AdbK Kolbermoor
Art award of the city of Starnberg.

I am Martina, a painter from the southern area of Munich.
My work focuses on abstract painting of landscapes and botany.
As a geologist I have explored nature, as an artist I deal with nature on an emotional level.
The landscapes I paint are expressionistically modified. They are bright, colourful, luminous and captivating. They are pleasant places of well-being. Far away from the real world. Untroubled, unburdened and calm. Places of desire without evil and at the same time strange and unreachable. If you take the time and get involved with my paintings, they offer distance from everyday life and lead to new reflections. They stimulate creativity and lead one into new worlds. The soul can relax.
I myself spend a lot of time “outdoors”. Nature always gives me new inspiration. Its diversity always inspires new creative processes.
In painting I prefer oil paints because they do not change their colour when drying. They have a sensual feel and I can reflect on my paintings more intensively, as the long drying time prevents me from working too quickly. I have a certain inclination towards ornamentation and often use groupings of dots and lines. These elements lead to harmonisation and bring the painting together.

I believe that poetic, special, atmospheric and peculiar painting creates the possibility for the spectator to leave the present aside. One can lose oneself in it for a moment.
My intention is to invite the spectator to let his imagination flow freely and to step out of the here and now for a moment.
It is possible to let the soul dangle meditatively while looking at paintings and to explore new ways and spaces.

Artist communities & gallery

Represented by Galerie Frey Germering

Founding member of the art community animus 9 (2009-2018)

Founding member of the art community KunstTenne

Member of Kunstverein Gauting

Member Kunstverein  “Die Roseninsel”

Ausstellungen / Exhibitions

Group exhibition

„Sonderausstellung“, Galerie Frey, Germering
“Frauenpower” , Galerie Frey, Germering
“the illusion of reality” Galleria De Marchi, Bologna
Arte Wiesbaden
Der Klang der Farben”, Jahresausstellung  Die Roseninsel e.V.
“Tiere Kitsch verboten”, Gruppenausstellung des Gautinger Kunstvereins
“Diversitäten naturnah” Seildlvilla, München
Kunstpreisausstellung der Stadt Starnberg
Ausstellung der Meisterklasse AdbK Kolbermoor Prof. Zenuik
Kunstwerk dies Monats ,Berg
Abschlussaustellung AdbK Kolbermoor Klasse Prof. Zenuik Farbe Jetzt, Goldberg Gallery, München
Bernrieder Kunstausstellung Offenes Atelier Entraching
Phantastereien Augsburg Säulenhalle Landsberg am Lech
Salon Irkutsk München
Kunst in der Tenne Entraching
Säulenhalle Landsberg am Lech Offene Ateliers Germering
Produzentenausstellung in der Werkstatt-Galerie, München
Ausstellung im Atelier Susanne Hauenstein
Ausstellung im Kunstförderverein Stuttgart















Solo exhibitions

“Outside” Galerie Frey, Germering
“Netz und andere Werke”  Ilp München
BRK Schloss Garatshausen, Feldafing
„In Mustern“,  Kunstsalon Lilly Günther München





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